Ij.start canon | Canon Printer Setup Guide | Canon Manuals

New purchase? ij.start.canon should be used to set up your Canon printer. Even you purchased a new printer, or you have the older Canon model. Both are easy to set up, where Canon printer drivers are essential to download. The Canon help site guides users on how to download, install, and set up Canon printers wirelessly, wired or using USB.   


Let’s start – https://ij.startcanon

         Ij.start canon

  1. Visit ij.start.canon site.
  2. Download appropriate software.
  3. Set up Canon printer hardware.
  4. Connect the model to a network.
  5. Install and run Canon printer drivers.

What do you need to know before Canon printer setup?

  • Before you start Canon printer setup, you have kept a few things in mind.
  • Unpack the Canon model, and check all the components are shipped with your printer.  
  • Canon printer hardware should be set up earlier.
  • Ij.start canon will assist you in installing your model.
  • Proper maintenance should be done.
  • Know your Canon printer model number.
  • A wireless network connection is meant to be connected with the printer and your computer.
  • Read all manuals so you can set up your model smoothly.

Where do you find the Canon model number?

The Canon model number helps you downloading printer drivers, so check your Canon printer’s top or front and know your model number.


How to install and setup Canon printer wirelessly? 

Follow the below guidelines:-

WiFi connection

  1. First of all, see your printer network status.
  2. Go to ij.start.canon and click Set Up.
  3. On ij.start canon page, enter your Canon printer model.
  4. Click Start and select “connecting to a Computer/smartphone.”
  5. Hit on the “Download” tab.
  6. Double-click on the setup.exe installer file.
  7. Click Start Setup and continue the installation.
  8. Select Wireless LAN connection, and then click on the wireless router.
  9. At the same time, press the WiFi button on your Canon printer.
  10. Use right or left arrows, tap Wireless LAN setup.
  11. Then, select WPS and press the WPS button on your wireless router.
  12. If Wi-Fi flash gets stable, your Canon printer is connected wirelessly.     
  13. On the installation window, select your Canon printer model from shown list. Thereafter, end the Canon printer wireless installation setup. 


How to set up a wired Canon printer?

The wired LAN connection is easy to set up, and you simply need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Your Canon printer should be turned on.
  2. Connect network device, i.e., router and printer via Ethernet cable.
  3. Tap WiFi, select LAN settings and Wired LAN.
  4. Select Wired LAN active/inactive, and set up a wired network connection.
  5. Now, go to ij.start.canon and download the ij.start canon setup.
  6. Click “Start Setup” and click Install.
  7. Continue the wired installation by accepting software license terms.
  8. If prompt, select “Wired LAN connection” and proceed further.
  9. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the Wired canon printer. 
  10. Now add your printer to the device list. 


How to set up Canon inkjet printer using USB?

Set up Canon inkjet printer via USB cable. Make sure your printer is shipped with CD, and you already have a USB cable, and then follow the below guidelines:-

  1. Make sure your Canon model is turned on.
  2. Open your computer or laptop.
  3. If an application is running in the background, quit all apps.
  4. Put the ij.start canon CD setup into CD ROM drive.
  5. The Canon installation wizard will prompt automatically.
  6. In case the printer installation doesn’t start, double click on msetup4.exe to begin the installation.   
  7. Click Run and choose language, product name.
  8. Select Use the printer via USB when asked.
  9. The printer screen appears, hence connect one side of the USB cable to the printer’s rear.
  10. Also, plug in the USB cable’s other side to the PC port.
  11. If you see SETUP COMPLETE screen and select Agree or Do Not Agree.
  12. Finish the Canon printer setup via USB.

How do you print with your Canon printer?

Once you finish the Canon printer setup, your device is ready to print. Therefore, follow the below steps to start printing:-


  1. Make sure you’ve installation the Canon ij setup from ij.start.canon.
  2. Open the Canon printer input tray.
  3. Ensure you have suitable paper, and then put these on the input tray.
  4. On your computer system, open and select the document you want to get printed.
  5. Then, press Ctrl P or hit on the print option.
  6. If you see the Printer Properties dialog, customize the setting according to your need.
  7. You require clicking on Print and seeing output paper tray until the Canon printer start printing.      


The steps shown above are well-suitable for computer and laptop systems; however if you wish Canon wireless printing with the smartphone, install the Canon print app on your phone from the app store and connect to your printer. If you experience any issues, contact our Canon printer support team.